ITZY starred in a captivating 3D video featuring our Summer 2023 collection that was broadcasted on the internet-famous Cross Shinjuku Vision screen located at Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is the first time that the ITZY members have appeared in a 3D video. In it, they shared the limelight with the Cocoon curved handle bag — oversized versions of this eye-catching piece in various colours seem to catch your attention from beyond the screen. The entire display was incredibly realistic and whimsical at once. This exciting and visually compelling video demonstrated the playful exuberance that is the inspiration for our latest seasonal collection.

A statement accessory can set the mood for an entire season. Featuring a cute and chic silhouette, the playful and distinctive Cocoon curved handle bag is available in a range of eye-popping colours.

The standout star of our latest collection, this impossible-to-miss carrier is crafted from scented rubber to add a special sensory element that complements its summery aesthetic. Combining a clean yet striking design with finishes in stunning hues, this bag is at true arm candy that reflect ITZY’s vibrant and energetic personality.