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The Creative Process

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The Inspiration

At its heart, CHARLES & KEITH’s Anniversary Series is both an ode to our past and a hope for our future. The blend of a celebratory theme with a reflective mood drove our designers to create a collection that is wrapped around optimism and strength. Embodying the concept of being true and free, the design philosophy is playful yet practical. An homage to the year 1996, when the brand was established, this exclusive series incorporated refreshed ‘90s footwear elements, including chunky soles, square toes and minimal strappy uppers. The result is a thoughtfully made capsule range that offers styles that suits varying taste palettes while maintaining a unified identity.

“Inspired by the spirit of the true and free, the bags in the collection were designed to evoke a memory; a time and place whilst exploring the outdoors — therefore the light and airy, playful yet practical approach towards the designs.”

Shandy Tan, Senior Merchandiser at CHARLES & KEITH

The Materials and Designs

The design team at CHARLES & KEITH saw the Anniversary Series as an opportunity for taking one step further in our journey to being more environmentally conscious. With being kinder to the planet in mind, new materials — low-impact but still of impeccably high quality — were explored and utilised. From androgynous and classic chunky boots and loafers to lady-like feminine heels and minimalist casual sandals, the entire collection is made of eco-friendly recycled materials. Translucent outsoles crafted from used rubber are accentuated with a celebratory confetti-speckled pattern, while heels featuring a unique hypnotic marbled effect are made out of upcycled ABS plastic. The shoes’ uppers are also made out of nylon, recycled from PET bottles.

  • Women’s Charli recycled nylon penny loafers in black and Rylee recycled nylon ankle boots in black - CHARLES & KEITH

“Since 1996, CHARLES & KEITH has strived towards providing footwear that are at the forefront of fashion — the Anniversary Series is no different. These are pieces designed to be easily integrated into any woman’s wardrobe with ease.”

Fredie Stevens, Design Director at CHARLES & KEITH


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