To add an edgy, glamorous and fiercely feminine element to her eclectic ensemble — consisting of a pink tulle-accented dress and a glossy leather jacket — actress Han So Hee completed it with the grommet-strap kitten-heel pumps in classy black. These outstanding shoes bring together some of the latest trends of the season, making them a must-have pair for staying ahead of the fashion curve.


With a refined aesthetic that is more elegant than rock, eyelets are a trending embellishment this season. Featuring an eye-catching metallic shine, they are statement-making and functional at the same time. When applied on shoes, they are striking details that also serve the purpose of securing buckled straps. Lining the criss-crossing straps of platform Mary Janes, silver-toned eyelets elevate the classic schoolgirl shoe style — yet, this bolder, utterly modern version is still versatile and understated enough for everyday wear.

Kitten Heels & Pointed Toes

Combining dainty kitten heels with a sharp pointed-toed silhouette — both key trends of Spring 2024 — these grommet-strap pumps juxtapose contrasting elements to create a sleek design that is fashionable yet wearable. They also blend the edgy glamour of eyelets with the girlish charm of kitten heels to create a visually captivating effect. Made to be the star of any look, you can wear this pair with a diverse range of outfits, from full-skirted dresses to your favourite jeans.

Platform Soles

On the other end of the spectrum from trending micro-heels, chunky platform soles are also having its moment in the spotlight. Set on thick ridged outsoles and sturdy block heels, the Trill grommet double-strap platform mules offer ease of wear, along with a flattering stature boost — their buckled straps, featuring gleaming eyelets, can also be adjusted for the perfect fit. Whether in black or white, they make for fabulous go-to shoes for the warmer months that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

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