As a chilly new season beckons, so does a wardrobe refresh. Taking reference from the runways, the fashion world’s top picks for the season draw from both ends of the spectrum. On one end, slouchy, oversized totes are favoured for their statement size and utility. On the other, top-handle classics are revisited for the universal appeal of their feminine silhouettes. Both styles make eye-catching pieces that deserve a spot in your rotation, no matter the occasion. Whether you are experimenting with new designs or growing your collection, read on to discover our standout bags of the season.

Bigger And Bolder

With larger carriers taking over from miniscule micro bags, oversized bags are in the spotlight once more. Sought after for their versatility and functionality, they have been reimagined in various forms and finishes this season. For everyday wear, minimal silhouettes in light fabrics are a fantastic starting point. The Genoa bow-tie knitted bag makes for a casual companion, while the embellishment-free exterior of the Naomi bag will complement most outfits. To channel laidback sophistication, look for slouchy hobo structures with luxurious details — the ruching on the Ally bag and quilted finish of the Duo bag instantly elevates any ensemble, while offering the ease of capacious interiors.

Sculptural Femininity

Top-handle handbags have persisted through the decades, and with good reason — they balance dainty femininity with visually striking shapes. Modern takes on the classic bag style include bold sculptural forms in vibrant colours, making them eye-catching accessories that will add a special touch to your everyday looks. With a small nod to the puffy bag trend, structured carriers — like the Koa top handle bag and top handle moon bag — let tactile curves stand out with minimal adornments. Other contemporary styles include the mini Bronte bag and the fan double handle tote bag. In sleek neutral finishes, these pieces will add subtle sophistication to your outfits.

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