As chic as they are functional, canvas bags emanate an irresistible and timeless charm. Keep it sophisticated with a structured and boxy silhouette — these tote bags offer a roomy interior, sturdy double handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap, providing you the flexibility to switch up your style effortlessly. Whether it's for casual days at the beach or any other occasion, our canvas totes are available in mini, medium, and extra-large sizes, encompassing a range of neutral shades such as cool black, warm taupe, and a timeless cream-and-black combination.

Nothing captures the essence of versatile fashion like canvas sneakers do. They can effortlessly add a casual twist to a feminine ensemble or put the perfect finishing touch on an off-duty outfit. With their comfortable chunky soles and the brand's logo elegantly stitched on either sides, these shoes elevate the quintessential silhouette and strike the perfect balance between form and fashion. Reach for the low-top version for a classic look that complements any outfit or embrace '90s nostalgia with the high-top iteration.

An easy and effortless way to enhance any outfit is by incorporating colour into your ensemble. Denim blue accessories, which are just as timeless as the canvas pieces, create a perfect combination with all-white or linen garments. Our denim contrast-trim tote bag is not only spacious enough to carry everything you need for the day and more, but also serves as a reliable and practical statement piece that will take you from brunches to beachside chillouts. Whether you are creating a coordinated or standalone look, complete your outfit with our canvas high-top sneakers in denim blue to brighten up your overall ensemble.

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