Femme Fatale

This season, goth grows up, sheds its youthful rebelliousness, and takes on a refined femme-fatale sophistication. The cool and subversive ideology of the original movement is represented in the gleaming silver-toned hardware of the sleek Halinda boxy bag and the bold triple-strapped design of the Elvina platform sandals in glossy patent black. While black and white dominate this trend, a touch of red — delivered via our alluring curved-heel sandals — is a surefire way to amp up the wow factor.

Pop Of Goth

Reinvigorate the gloomy-cool aesthetic by introducing playful twists of form and colour. Smooth out the stark lines of classic goth with the rounded curves of the swing padlock printed crescent bag. Or, soften the moodiness of a black-and-white ensemble with the schoolgirl-inspired brogue leather T-bar Mary Janes in rich, earthy maroon. Complement the dark romance of a goth-inspired outfit with the muted exuberance of yellow plaid pumps.

In Shiny Armour

Pay tribute to the goth sub-culture with the subtle yet eye-catching details on your accessories. The rule of thumb? The shinier, the better. The soft, feminine silhouette of the crescent hobo bag is sharply juxtaposed with edgy grommet buckled straps. Versatile black knee-high boots are embellished with visually captivating metallic buckles and studs. To make an impossible-to-miss statement, reach for the Charlot bag in dazzling silver or our metallic cap sculptural-heel mules.

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