In Demand: Sporty Sandals And Sneakers

Ko Hyojoo and Alice Wang show us how they add their own personal flavour to styling the blue sneakers and green sporty sandals from our Spring 2022 collection.

Ko Hyojoo


South Korean longboarder and content creator Ko Hyojoo rose to fame with her graceful skating abilities and a vibrant style to complement. So it comes as no surprise that our colour-block low-top sneakers in vivid blue and sports sandals with bright green translucent soles are right up her alley. She styles the sneakers with a pair of yellow socks to create a striking colour contrast that will make any outfit more exuberant and eye-catching, and nails the modern art of high-low dressing by pairing our chunky sports sandals with a voluminous tierred dress.

Two-Tone Low-Top Sneakers
Coloured Translucent-Sole Chunky Sport Sandals

Alice Wang


In contrast to Ko Hyojoo, stylist and art director Alice Wang takes a more minimalist and understated approach to styling the same colour-block sneakers and chunky-soled sandals. She proves that sports sandals can be worn in a corporate setting by pairing them with socks and completes her look with an elegant neutral-toned outfit. To bring out the blue panels on our colour-block sneakers, she dons a matching sweater and juxtaposes it with an orange midi skirt to create a head-turning effect.

Coloured Translucent-Sole Chunky Sport Sandals
Coloured Translucent-Sole Chunky Sport Sandals
Two-Tone Low-Top Sneakers

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