We all have cannot-live-without items that we keep with us at all times — in this “What’s In My Gabine” video, Friend of House Jess Alexander opens up her favourite Gabine saddle bag to show us exactly what it holds.

From a bottle of her most-loved perfume for “smelling good everywhere she goes”, essential lip products that are a part of her personality to the adorable micro Gabine bag (her favourite part of her Gabine ensemble) that houses her AirPods. These are the items in the actress’s saddle bag that gives us a small but intriguing peek into her everyday life.


Hi, I’m Jess Alexander and you are watching 'What’s In My Bag?’ with CHARLES & KEITH.

So, I’m going to show you what’s in my Gabine bag.

So, firstly, I have my sunglasses. Just slipped in at the back there. Just means that they’re always there for me to grab if I need them.

They are by CHARLES & KEITH, of course.

And, you know, I mean, fabulous!

And then, let’s go inside the bag and have a look at what I’ve got.

So, the first thing I have obviously is my phone. So, if you want to send me any funny videos, go ahead, my DMs are open!

I have next is my perfume.

I can’t live the house without perfume, and I have to carry it with me so that I can top up throughout the day.

Because I like to smell good everywhere I go, it’s just important, okay? I don’t want to you know, smell bad. That would be horrific. So, just a little touch up goes a long way.

What else do I have in here? Ooh!

I have my lip gloss and my lip liner.

I mean, I can’t go anywhere without these either. For me, having my lips done is like the most important thing to my face.

I could be completely bare face, and as long as I line my lips and do my lip gloss, I feel confident, I feel sexy, I feel great!

And, you know, it’s just a part of my personality, okay? I need to have my lips done, so those are always in my bag. Make no mistake.

What else do I have in here? Ooh!

I have some eye patches.

I also have a little pot of mints.

And I also have just a little, this is one of my essential oils.

It says “relax”. It’s like lavender oil, geranium, cardamum, grapefruit... And, it just smells lovely, and it keeps me feeling relaxed.

The smell of it sometimes… Sometimes, I put it in my diffuser in my room too. I like that, but yeah, it just makes me feel less anxious.

If I am on a plane, I can be quite a nervous flyer, so that me feel relaxed. Or, I have like a difficult scene or something, it keeps me very calm.

And, I also have a pen! My favourite part about this pen is this little torch.

And the last thing that I have in my bag is, a spare pair of earrings.

It’s the CHARLES & KEITH earrings, and I just like to carry a spare pair of earrings in my bag because you never know where you are going to end up.

You know, I might be at work and I go to a spontaneous dinner.

And, I can just switch up the look and make myself feel a little bit fancier. So, that’s why I carry a spare pair of earrings with me at all times.

And then, last but not least, my favourite part of this whole Gabine bag ensemble is my tiny little Gabine bag attached to my big Gabine bag.

And inside there, I keep my AirPods.

I just think it’s the sweetest little thing to put your AirPods in. And it also means that I never lose them, I always know where they are.

The best part is there’s a little hole to charge your AirPods through.

So, you never even have to take them out. They just stay there, you’re never going to lose them and they’re always be happy and cute.

So yeah! That’s everything that’s in my Gabine bag. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you soon!

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