One of the most exciting aspects of building your new-season wardrobe is having to shop for a great pair of winter boots. Boots are a must-have fashion statement during the colder months, and as the temperature drops, the boot lengths rise. This season's collection will be irresistible for shoe enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. We have a myriad of styles to capture your heart, with the very best ones leading the way.

Understated Details

Perfect for those with an eye for detail, the Coco boots feature eye-catching contrasting toe caps, while the Lucinda boots boast geometric trapeze heels that put a contemporary twist on the classic knee-high style.

Style tip: Pair them with midi skirts; not only will midi skirts protect your legs from the frigid cold, they will also keep them warm without obscuring the intricate details of your boots, allowing them to shine.

New Heights

Elevate your winter style with the Orla platform knee-high boots. They offer a great height boost without compromising comfort, thanks to their chunky platform soles. These boots stand out due to their edgy lace-up design, adding character and personality to your overall look.

Style tip: You can pair them with anything, but a maxi skirt is your best choice. The Orla boots are tall enough to peek out from under the skirt, creating the illusion of longer legs when paired with something of that proportion.

2000s Denim

Stay on top of the latest trends with the Aster knee-high boots. Featuring a noughties-inspired denim finish, these boots will add a fashion-forward touch to your outfit. The ruched design further enhances the visual and textural appeal, making them a striking addition to your ensemble.

Style tip: Embrace fashion's love for nostalgia by pairing these boots with a '90s-inspired slip dress, creating a chic grungy retro look with a modern twist.

Ombré Beauty

For a unique choice, consider the Rubina ombré platform calf boots with a striking red fade. The cool and edgy-looking finish will add an intriguing element to any outfit. Tapered at the top and chunky at the bottom, these boots are universally flattering for the legs.

Style tip: Pair with a classic little black dress to let the Rubina’s bold look shine.

Thigh High

If you are someone who tends to get cold easily and requires extra protection for your feet, these thigh-high boots that extend above the knees are the perfect choice. They showcase stylish buckled details, lending an elegant equestrian vibe to the design.

Style tip: Pair them with a mini skirt that falls just above the boots, ensuring you are fully covered, especially when you layer on a coat. The combination of the mini hem and thigh-high length creates a flattering proportion.

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