The fashion pendulum is always swinging between loud and soft — and right now, low-key is definitely the way to go. This fall, the favoured style is refined and restrained, with a focus on sophisticated details and classic silhouettes. Colours are muted while shapes take on a sculptural, artistic quality. Create ultra-chic “less is more” looks with our latest designs, including the Trice shoulder bag, Sepphe heeled mules and Genoa knitted bag.

Minimalist Elegance

After the exuberance of summer, it can be comforting to retreat into simplicity during the cool, cosy weeks of fall. To achieve a quietly glamorous aesthetic, pick designs with clean-lined silhouettes that feature eye-catching details, such as metallic hardware. In soft cream, the Duo double chain hobo bag and Sepphe pointed-toe heeled mules will create a striking contrast with dark-toned outfits. Classic accessories with statement embellishments, like our beaded circle slingback pumps and Trice metallic accent loafers, are great for creating understated looks that still stand out.

Elevated Athleisure

Fall is the time to indulge in creature comforts — and athleisure is the perfect style for days when you want to prioritise ease and wellbeing. Polished up casual ensembles with elevated staples like the Genoa bow-tie knitted bag in white, whose soft yet tactile finish make it both visually appealing and a pleasure to hold. Give your style and mood a boost with timeless shoe styles that feature chic contemporary elements. The contrasting thick white soles of the Kay canvas low-top sneakers and sparkling buckles of our beaded circle slide sandals transform these evergreen wardrobe must-haves into statement-making pieces.

Tasteful Textures

An easy and stylish way to add visual interest into fall ensembles is to introduce distinctive textural elements into them via accessories. Tweed is a seasonal favourite that never gets old — add a youthful touch to this sophisticated material by refreshing it with trendy shades, as seen on the Cressida tweed chain strap bag in sweet pink. Shoes featuring eye-catching prints, such as our metallic accent checkered ballerinas and the Gabine leather houndstooth loafers, as well as elegant bags with quilted bodies, will be focal points of monochromatic outfits.

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